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When all else fails and the odds are stacked against you is the time when you tend to find out the most about yourself. It’s in these tough times that you have to make a decision on what will define your character. Some succumb to the challenges life can place in front of you while other’s stand tall and preserve. The latter is the case for rising Mississippi rapper Mac Corleone.

As shows and opportunities increased in 2014, Mac’s career appeared to be trending upward. That is until an unforeseen road block was placed in his way on September 11th of that year. A feeling of weakness slowly fell upon the Louisville native, taking a turn for the worse on this day. In the midst of attempting to use the restroom Mac Corleone found himself on the floor, completely unable to move. It would later be determined sarcoidosis was the cause of the Mac’s pain. The inflammatory disease had left the artist, born Rion Young, in the hospital and facing the biggest challenge of his life.

Mac Corleone would use his faith in God and persistent mindset to gradually rehabilitate both his health and his dreams of musical triumph. “I was building a buzz and making money, but I was foolish so I believe the Lord was sitting me down to get my head straight”, said Mac Corleone when asked about the situation. It is definitely apparent that he took heed to the lesson and became a wiser person.

These days, Mac possesses a savvy business persona and an ability to brand. This evident by his influential Respect My Grind movement/clothing line which has people nationwide draped in the gear. Aside from the businesses though he still manages to give back to the needy with his role as a part of the Growth and Development organization. In the end though it all comes back to the music for the risinging Mississippi product as he pushes forth honesty with a street side added to the mix. Welcome to the world of Mac Corleone.


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